Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Deployment To-Do list

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Like I said a few days ago, we found out Mat is deploying. We will actually find out an idea of when in the next couple of days since he finally reports to his unit tomorrow.

I mentioned that after we found out, I sat down and made an actual to-do list that I want to accomplish while he's gone.

I finally sat down and typed it all out and it is very ambitious but I am so excited to have it completed and ready to share!

Crossing my fingers that I can get it all done but as long as I can complete half of it, I will be happy!

Without further adieu...

The list!

Does this list exhaust anyone else?

I was exhausted just typing it all out!

But, like I said, it excites me.

The other night, Mat and I were talking and I asked him what I was supposed to do while he's gone and he replied that I should do the last two times.

I had to remind him that the last deployment, I birthed and raised twins and the deployment before that, I planned a wedding so unless he wanted me to leave him, marry someone else and have a kid, then he might want to re-word what he said. But basically, what he meant was, was that I just needed to keep myself busy.

And he's right. It's the only way to survive a deployment without losing your mind.

I can't wait to start knocking stuff off of this list!

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