Friday, June 14, 2013


Sorry for my lack of posting. I have had intentions to write at least one real post of substance since I started the blog and I haven't made it that far. I've been swamped with photo taking, photo editing, kids here, kids there.

We found out earlier this week that Mat will be deploying. I kind of expected it but I really didn't think it would be as soon as it is.

The night we found out, we sat around talking about what kind of renovations he wants me to get done to the house while he's gone. I won't lie, it excited me.

The next day I asked him if he could leave already. To some, this may sound cold and heartless, but for someone who has been through this 4 other times, you know that his leaving is inevitable and you make the best of it. (Just some trivia, if you do the math, between the years my husband spent growing up in Germany, the years he's been deployed and the 3 years we just spent in Germany, he has spent more time outside of the US than he has in the US. He's 31 years old!)

I was able to make a list of every goal I want to accomplish while he's away (and I will share it with you once I know that I have it complete!) and this excites me.I am ready to get my hands dirty and really make this house our home.

So. With that said, I am happy that I started this blog because it now serves a dual purpose. I plan to send Mat the link once he leaves so that he can keep up with the progress too. Facebook is great but I can't really explain in detail the many many hours that it took to sand the plaster off the bedroom wall, drywall it and paint it in photos.

Don't be jealous. You know you totally want to come sand my walls.

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  1. I'm so sorry he has to deploy again. I know exactly what you mean about just wanting them to go and get it over with.