Monday, February 17, 2014

What a Wirlwind

Do you ever feel like you're just drowning and you can't seem to come back up?

Yep, I am totally there. It's not a bad whirlwind, I really just feel like I can't keep up on housework. I feel like all I am doing is cleaning and then the Twinkie Tornado comes and destroys it all, and then I am left to clean it all up again.

I'm in that phase where homecoming is so close you can almost touch it, but so far away that it really starts to just annoy you.

My inlaws came down this weekend and the only thing we accomplished was a whole lot of shopping and cleaning out my garage. My garage was really bad, you couldn't even open the door that goes into the garage. I can now park my pretty massive SUV in there!

I found these ugly green things at Hobby Lobby. They were on sale for $4.50 and I saw a lot of potential in them. 

Pretty ugly, eh?
Now they look like chocolate. Please don't judge my mantle, it's a work in progress :)

Remember the pre-deployment photos I posted about? I got them printed professionally and I am so incredibly in love with them.

These are 10x13's and a very important piece of a very special project that I'm working on. It's not going quite the way I had hoped but I have now made plan C!

8x10s and 4x6s. My poor frames had been so neglected and now they're all filled up with new pictures. The last time I had pictures printed, the twins were 7 months old. They're now 3 1/2. Whoops!
And this is what happens when you let Hayley pick which picture goes in what frame. Someone is clearly in love with herself :)

Let's see... What else?

Not only do the kids have their homecoming signs done, mine are 98% done. just need to glitter it up! This was a group Facebook effort to decide what would be appropriate and I am so thankful for my friend Megan who told me to use the phonetic alphabet.

My lovely 3 year old put my new jeans on and said, "Look mom, they fit," and then proceeded to hop around the house like they were a sack of potatoes. Crazy girl.
My husband and I recently had our photo in Times Square as part of the Axe Kiss for Peace Campaign. It was pretty cool to see our photo in Times Square. PS You can follow me on Twitter, here
Went on a small shopping spree with a friend and stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings for some lunch. Took a selfie with the boy!

The blonde is mine :) This is how the boys felt about our shopping trip. Can you believe that my kid is older than my friend's son by a couple of weeks yet, he's such a shrimp compared to him! haha
It's the year of the owls and I made a couple of owl purchases this week! Everything but my new welcome mat came from Hobby Lobby, the welcome mat came from Walmart!

And last but definitely NOT least, our trip to Jamaica has been booked. You can read about how and why we chose Jamaica here. We decided to go on this trip a few weeks ago and narrowed it down to Sunset at the Palms in Negril, Jamaica. We didn't want to book because Mat's time frame to come home keeps changing pretty drastically, not just a few days, but by weeks. Every time I would check websites to check price and availability, the price kept going up and one website even showed that they had no availability. I was starting to get severely depressed. This is the resort we wanted. We had to have it. Finally, I called our FRG leader, told her what dates we were looking at, and she told me that they had a cruise booked for the exact same dates that Mat and I had been thinking about. That was enough, we booked it, bought the insurance, and I was even able to schedule my massage. That was mandatory! :) Now we're just talking about what we want to actually do in Jamaica. I can not wait to share this trip with everyone!

I am hoping things slow down a bit so I can keep this ol blog updated more often, but with it being this close to homecoming, I'm not making any promises :)

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  1. oh I'm so excited for you!! and a trip to Jamaica! oh man!!!