Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meet Dottie

When Mat and I found out we would be leaving Germany, we knew we wanted to get another dog.

We found a dog we really wanted to meet at a rescue, after speaking with the lady who runs it, she said that she didn't think the dog would do well with kids. we decided to go out and meet the other dogs that she had.

We met Dottie and instantly fell in love with her. Hayley was calling her "mine" and she was loving all over the kids.

Then we met another dog named Blaze. Blaze came to the rescue as a puppy and was now 6 years old. Mat and I made the decision to bring Blaze home even though Dottie interacted a lot better with us. We felt the need to give this poor dog a home.

So, we brought her home and after a month, she just wasn't fitting in. She was afraid of Mat and would run from him. She snapped at the kids. I contacted the lady at the rescue and after trying a few things, she decided it best that we bring her back and swap her for Dottie. She said that Blaze's kennel mate was depressed and she just felt that it would be best.

So we did.

Dottie has been with us for a couple of weeks and is fitting in great. She's amazing with the kids, sweet, and has made herself at home. She's definitely going to stick around for awhile!

Look! A floating head! LOL

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