Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm still alive!

I'm still alive and kicking!

Please forgive my absence from the blogging world. It has been nothing but a chaotic disaster around here.

To catch-up.

We got my stepkids for a few weeks.

Mat deployed.

We had 4th of July.

Inlaws came to visit.

Knocked out some of the deployment to-do list.

And that brings you to today :)

Don't worry. I will completely update you on everything. Mat's deployment was even more dramatic than his last. No one really knew if he was leaving or staying. As a matter of fact, the decision changed 3 times a day. They told him they would let him know Friday if he was leaving Saturday.

Yup. Not even kidding. But, he did leave, our deployment has begun, and I'm already working on knocking out this massive to-do list.

I will be back to play catch up. 4th of July was fun and I want to update you on the happenings around here.


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