Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Living Room Sneak Peek!

It has been quiet in here and I apologize. I've been busy with older kids coming to visit, in-laws, working on the living room...

I haven't had much of a spare moment to write anything. I always seem busier when Mat is deployed, not real sure how that works.

My inlaws were here this past weekend and their project was to help me get the living room painted. There are only two rooms in this house that I have to get done, for my sanity. My bedroom is one but that is a story in itself and probably won't be touched for awhile.

The other one is the living room. This was the only room in the house that hadn't been painted and it was a flat white. Anyone who has seen old, flat, white paint knows that it attracts dirt and just looks gross after a few years. So. We painted it.

It was a challenge, we have 20' walls. We have a 20' ladder but that doesn't help reach the top of the walls on the stairs. We got a pole, an edger, 3 gallons of Cathedral Gray paint from Behr and went to work!

Please pardon the crappy cell phone pictures. My actual camera was buried in my bedroom, where we threw everything from the living room.

All furniture out and ready to paint!

Hayley made this place her spot.

Uber awesome father in law making it happen.

My new mantle!

Everything you see white (except for the fireplace) used to be black. Once the paint went up on the wall, we realized that the black just wasn't going to work.

I am extremely happy with how this room is turning out. I will have some other photos taken without my cell phone once I get a few other things done ;)

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