Sunday, January 26, 2014

Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday could also be known as,

"Please accept my apologies for being such a sucky blogger the past few weeks, I hope these photos make up for it."

My inlaws came to town this past week to help me get settled at home. We took a day trip to San Antonio, it was great, the weather was beautiful! My sister in law surprised my MIL with an awesome carriage ride downtown.

I got to ride up front!

The twins looking out!

Our carriage and the lovebirds.

Hayley got to pet Shadow! The girl is the carriage driver and also a good friend of my sister in law.
I also got to introduce my inlaws to Dick's Last Resort. I have loved going to this place and we all had a great time!

My french tips with white out. I did so good growing out my nails. Then I broke on so I'm starting over!

Burnt my lunch. ARG

My and my baby big girl being silly while getting ready for the day!
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See you next Sunday!

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