Tuesday, May 27, 2014

June Goals

I have decided that I want to have goals each month on what to accomplish in my house. This weekend, we knocked out two big projects that had been on my list and now I am completely motivated to get more done.

My husband gave me a budget of only $100 for home stuff this month (not nice! haha) and with it, I plan to paint, put in new hardware, and hang shelves in our tiny hall bathroom and organize our measuring cups and pantry.

I also have one other project in the works but since I already bought that stuff yesterday, I'm not counting the $11 I spent for June's budget.

Because that's just how I do things!

When we bought the house, my sister insisted that the towels in this bathroom be a dark purple, her school's colors. I finally gave in because really... Who doesn't like purple?

We decided to go with a very very very very very light, key lime pie green color.

I know this is a terrible picture, but it's called Classic Key Lime by Glidden. It looks a lot brighter here than it is.

At least I'm hoping!

These will be made. I already have the wood cut, it's an aged wood, but it's not aged like I would like. I don't know yet if I will paint them, stain them, age them, all of the above, etc.

I do have boards already cut for shelves. My original plan was to suspend them with chain but I now have shelves suspended by chain elsewhere in my house (that's one of the projects I was talking about earlier! EEK!), and I don't want to do it again. We will see. I'm still scouring Pinterest for ideas and have a couple, it will just come down to budget.

I need a towel holder. And I have a couple of ideas in mind, I'm just at a loss as to which one I want to do. 

I was originally leaning towards this idea because it's different but I'm not in love with it.

Then I thought I wanted this:

but I worry that it would be too much wood for such a small bathroom.

Then I found this:

It's definitely different but I like it. And I think if done right, I can combine the three things I like from each and make one that I love.

Those are my plans for the bathroom, so far. And if all goes well, should be completed in the next two weeks. Once this bathroom is done, our entire downstairs (except the master bedroom because that's a massive undertaking) will be done and painted. We have accomplished a lot since we moved in 13 months ago, and I am super proud of how our little fixer upper is coming together.

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