Thursday, July 10, 2014

I gotta brag on my boy for a minute

Hayley is my daredevil child. Nothing she does surprises me anymore, but I am sure with the amount of mini heart attacks she causes, I will die before I'm 35 from heart failure. Jaxon is my safety kid, he scares easily and he is overly cautious.

Less than a week ago, we went to my inlaws house where they have a 4' deep above ground pool. We got the kids life jackets and Jaxon was just fine treading above water, but he wanted to hold on to you.

As the days went by that we were there, they both learned how swim in their life jackets, Jaxon took a little longer than Hayley, but he got it. Then came jumping off the stairs. Hayley took right to it, so much so that she would jump and didn't care if
she touched the bottom, at one point she jumped right over Mat who was apparently in her way.

Jaxon was a little more eh, maybe about it, but he would jump off the bottom step if someone was there to catch him.

So. Fast forward to today, I overhear the swim teachers saying that the kids will be down in the deep end of the pool, and eventually jumping off the diving board.

Knowing my kids I went, "Oh shit," silently to myself. I knew Hayley would have a blast which meant more heart attacks for me, but I knew Jaxon would have an issue. After a couple of jumps off the side where Jaxon would only jump in if the teacher held his hand, I went over and told him not to be afraid, it was just like jumping at grandma's house. He went back over to jump in and was ok as long as his teacher was there to catch him.

Then came the diving board.

Jaxon was first and I watched him walk slowly down the board. Then to my surprise, the boy jumped! HE JUMPED! Right off the board, no hesitation. 

Seriously, watching your kids do something new every day is amazing. This kid seriously impresses me each and every day. He has come a long way from my little small NICU baby. He's now my big boy who is constantly reaching new milestones and trying new things, all while being a little more cautious than this sister.

I am super proud of this kid today and can't wait to see what he does during his last week of swim class!

Now for a few more pictures from their swim class this week!

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